Burdock plant, a powerful botanical used for generations for hair wellness, was an inspiration for our brand. This plant is very dear to us because it comes from our heritage. Shared with us by our grandmother the DIY burdock treatment became a staple in our hair care routine and later on served as a foundation for our formula. Now we are excited to introduce our unique formula to you.  Self care is a fun and amazing way to get to know oneself and we would love to join you on this ride.


What you put into your body is important, that is why we only use carefully selected natural ingredients in our product. Filled with powerful botanicals like burdock and nettle oil, vitamin C, bakuchiol and plant derived squalane our product targets hair wellness on the molecular level. Our hair oil formula is original, never tested on animals, and proudly made in California.


Our promise is that all Bur Bur products are and always will be natural, non-toxic, and very effective for your hair and scalp. Every single ingredient in our hair oil is there for a reason. We do not add any chemicals or perfumes. And this will never change. It will easily fit into your beauty and wellness routine to help you achieve the best hair results!

Cheers a good hair life!