Bur Bur is a clean hair care brand that is inspired by the transformative and healing powers of nature. Our formulas are carefully crafted with natural ingredients, including our hero ingredient, burdock plant. Burdock has been used for generations to promote hair growth and was introduced to us by our grandmother through her DIY burdock hair treatment. Her recipe served as the foundation for our formula, which combines burdock with other powerful botanicals, like nettle oil, vitamin C, bakuchiol, and plant-derived squalane to target hair wellness on a molecular level. Our hair oil formula is original, never tested on animals, and proudly made in California.


We believe that transforming hair and health naturally is a big contribution to creating a better future for ourselves and the planet. As hopeful optimists, we believe in growth, both as individuals and collectively. Each action we take is a seed we plant for a better tomorrow.

We are dedicated to being a catalyst for change by empowering consumers with knowledge and education on hair and overall wellness. With this knowledge as a driving force, we aim to shift the beauty industry towards a new ERA - one where healthy and sustainable products reign supreme.