Why Burdock Oil?

The beauty world is always looking for the next best thing.

Burdock has been used therapeutically in Europe, North America, and Asia for hundreds of years. And comes as a main ingredients from our grandmother's hair repair oil blend recipe. The benefits stem from an ingredient in the burdock root called arctiin, which helps protect hair against oxidative stress and damage. Burdock's makeup consists primarily of carbohydrates, volatile oils, plant sterols, tannins, and fatty oils, and its extracts are often found in a variety of homeopathic remedies. Studies show early signs of burdock having anti-inflamatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial effects.

Most commonly used for hair loss, the anti-inflammatory abilities of burdock root are also thought to help with dandruff and dry scalp-related issues.

    • Promotes Hair Growth: The combination of fiber, essential fatty acids, and vitamins (particularly vitamin A) in the burdock roots increases the amount of hair in the anagen phase, which helps promote hair growth.
    • Soothes Scalp Irritation: Burdock root oil can help with scalp irritation issues, both experts note, including dandruff and an itchy scalp.
    • Builds Hair Proteins: The amino acids in burdock root are great for building the protein (keratin) that creates hair.
  • Nourishing: The vitamin A found in burdock root can help nourish the scalp and strengthen the hair, notes Friese.
  • Smoothes Hair: Burdock based products can help make the hair smoother and shinier, and may even prevent split by acting as a bonding hair treatment.
  • Helps Combat Folliculitis: Burdock root has antibacterial benefits and essential fatty acids that help combat folliculitis by moisturizing the scalp and nourishing hair follicles.
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