The holiday season is all about adding chic and fun to your look. We've got 4 cool, easy-to-do hairstyles. With a little help from BUR BUR CARE, you'll add some serious glam to your holiday look. Let's get styling!


  • Description: Incorporate a bow for a charming addition to your hairstyle.
  • Styling Tips: Braid your hair into a loose braid or wrap the braid up and secure with a bow, you can also wrap it around a loose bun. This look is versatile and can be customized with different bow sizes and fabrics.
  • Recommended Product: BUR BUR "Growing Season" for a slick look. Consider making your own bow from your favorite fabric for a personal touch.

bow hair stylebow style with braid


  • Description: A versatile topknot suitable for all hair types.
  • Styling Tips: Create a ponytail at the crown, leaving some face-framing pieces. Wrap into a bun.
  • Recommended Product: BUR BUR  “Growing Season” lightweight hair oil for shine.


  • Description: Stylish rope braid
  • Styling Tips: Begin with a Ponytail: Start by forming a high or low ponytail depending on your preference. This will be the base for the twisted rope style. Split and Twist: Divide the ponytail into two equal sections. Carefully twist both sections in the same direction. It's important to be mindful here; when holding a section in each hand, there's a natural tendency to twist them in opposite directions. Resist this instinct and ensure both twists are uniform in direction. Crossing Over: Now, cross the two twisted sections over each other, but in the opposite direction of the twists. For example, if you twisted each section towards the right, you should now cross them over each other towards the left. 
  • Recommended Product:  For a polished look, apply a small amount of hair gel to your baby hairs. Use this as an opportunity to get creative with styling, perhaps by creating subtle waves or sleek designs along your hairline.


  • Description: A chic, easy-to-create hairstyle where you pull your hair back, then use elastics along the ponytail to form rounded, bubble-like sections.
  • Styling Tips: Smooth: Apply BUR BUR “Growing Season” hair oil to damp hair to reduce frizz. Use a toothbrush sprayed with hairspray to slick back flyaways. Pony Up: Pull hair back into a mid or high ponytail and secure it smoothly with an elastic. Create Bubbles: Place elastics every 1-2 inches down your ponytail. Gently puff out each section to form bubbles. Adjust: Neaten and even out the bubbles, using bobby pins for any stray hairs.

Recommended Product: Consider using fun accessories or hair bands in different colors.

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